Van - Mid-Century Bamboo Planter

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A trendy, mid-century bamboo planter to fit to your artificial plant décor dreams! Maintain a minimalist interior design aesthetic with an all-white planter. Make your faux plants pop! From premium-grade bamboo, this planter will last a lifetime supporting your best plants.

  • Height - from 7 inches (17cm) to 8.5 inches (21cm)
  • Opening - from 8 inches (19.5cm) to 11 inches (27cm)
  • Sustainably-grown bamboo carefully crafted
  • Handmade with skilled artisans with designs from our Montreal and New York teams
  • Adjustable to any existing interior design plan
  • A simple, classic houseplant look that’s Instagram-ready
  • Choose color and size

A planter like this adds character and elegance without even trying. Adorn your home with a visually-stunning mid-century bamboo planter from ArtiPlanto today.

What’s the Most Eco-Friendly Planter?

Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable planter materials. It can be sustainably grown without issue. If you are looking for a wood planter or an eco-friendly friendly planter, a mid-century bamboo planter like this not only fits your criteria but is very stylish.

Can Bamboo Tolerate Winter?

Bamboo planters can tolerate winter, low temperatures, and freezing weather rather well. Premium-grade bamboo is what’s required. Anything less and you run the risk of damaging bamboo or similar planter materials. This is why customers come to ArtiPlanto. Nothing’s better.

What Plant is Best in a Bamboo Planter?

Bamboo mixes well with a variety of green and plant-based aesthetics. All greenery looks gorgeous, when showcased in one of these pleasing planters. That said, some of the best faux greenery for your planter might include considering options like the snake plant, Monstera, and fiddle leaf fig trees.

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