Let’s face it: real plants aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. They wilt, fade, and, even when properly cared for, they can be very finicky. When trying to keep alive a real plant has you frustrated, opt for an artificial plant instead. For many young professionals and busy bodies, fake plants offer a realistic and detailed home décor alternative to watering and caring for real greenery.


Add a dash of premium artificial greenery to your home décor with any of these trending faux plants.


Cactus Plant


Faux cactus plants and faux succulents are having a moment. They’re a lovely addition to anyone’s remote work desk, on a windowsill or shelf, or set in your sleeping quarters on a bedside table.


Bird of Paradise Plant


Opt for a fake Bird of Paradise plant over the real thing and join the other converts! A beautiful, realistic Bird of Paradise is worth embracing. This is one of Artiplanto’s best-sellers for a reason. Have a plant that doesn’t wilt or lift with the weather.


Agave Tree Plant


An agave tree plant is a trendy faux plant in 2022 sure to provide a lovely impact wherever it’s placed. A little bit different to other more lush greenery, this pointy-leaf plant is perfect for the corner of a room.


Aloe Tree Plant


A fake aloe tree plant is another pointy, dry, desert-like artificial plant. A perfect home design choice for a sun-covered room. This far beats the real thing. A faux aloe tree plant will keep everything feeling vibrant and colorful. 


Sansevieria Yellow And Green Plant


A sansevieria yellow and green plant is different from the usual dark green potted plant most are familiar with. This snake plant has natural variations in color, realistically designed, and is indistinguishable from the real thing.


Sansevieria Dark Green Plant


A fake sansevieria dark green plant is stiff, deeply green, and offers some true beauty as an imitation of the real thing. Fill the gaps in your home décor with a freestanding planter and sansevieria carefully placed.


Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant


A Hawaii Kwai palm tree plant is one of the best artificial palm trees you can buy online. It’s amazing news if you love warm tropical plants. There’s no palm as big and bright as the Hawaii Kwai.


Fan Palm Tree Plant


A fresh and lively faux pan palm tree plant is an alternative to the usual palms you’ll find in most catalogues. The artificial fan palm tree plant has banana-like leaves, is made with premium materials, and is the ultimate all-seasons centerpiece for any room.


Where To Buy Faux Plants Online


The best place to buy faux plants is Artiplanto.eu. Browse unique trendy fake plants like the sansevieria and palms mentioned. Set them in your home to add some colour and with no discernible difference from the real thing. When you go faux, you won’t regret the fun and creativity that comes with it. No more needing to take care of greenery. Perfect for a busy schedule or anyone who doesn’t want a real plant.


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Pedro Capitao de Salles