Luxury home décor can struggle to stay feeling and looking its best when there are plants gradually fading, wilting, and slowly dying around the non-organic materials in the room. The alternative is artificial plants.


Sophisticated premium faux plants look exactly like the real thing. They’ll make you look like a professional décor expert and gardener without any of the work. The only upkeep a faux plant requires is a dusting every few months. Barring that, your home stays fresh, beautiful, and sans chaos.


In addition to using faux plants in luxury home décor, how you use them matters. When you maximalize the area and put plants everywhere, it can feel like you’re living in a jungle or a human-sized garden. It takes away some of the premium-ness and can make things feel overwhelming.


That’s where minimalism can come into play. Less is more. A single plant on a side table. A freestanding artificial tree in a floor planter placed at center of an accent wall. To highlight a premium artificial plant in a luxury space, separate your décor and allow things to breathe. Accessorizing like this can make every piece of home décor count.


Get The Location Right


The location of your artificial plants matter. Where you choose to display your fake plants can demonstrate a realistic look if you treat your plant like it’s real. Try to place your faux plant somewhere with sunlight, even if it’s minimal light in design. An example would be by a couch or window.


There is a habit with faux plants to put them in dark corners to brighten them up. In luxury home décor, this isn’t always ideal. It’s much better to treat your fake plant like it’s real and move it towards sunlight.


If you do insist on placing your premium artificial plant in a darker room, think of how you can blend it in with the other decor around it. Maintain that sense of minimalism. In a dark corner, plants don’t need much more to look full and purposeful. Especially in a dark room, clutter will make it look like an unkempt room. Minimalism is always best with setting up faux plants. 


Make Your Planters Look Extraordinary


One way to make your faux plants look luxurious is to decorate the planter or container you’ve placed the greenery in. Elevate the style with chic, trendy materials that are colorful and expressive.


Try to find a planter that is itself cute and well-suited to the plant. Next, form the faux plant in an exciting way and a manner that fits the space it occupies. Lastly, add some moss, rocks and stones, wood chips, or other materials – as you see fit! – to the top of the planter.


Particularly with natural materials – like dirt, sand, rocks, and moss – they really bring out the sophistication of greenery. You may even want to mix in real plants to add texture and more organic realism.


Choose a faux plant at for your luxury home décor. Avoid going with cheap, glossy fake plants. Shop premium artificial plants that prioritize realism and detail. Find realistic-looking faux plants at and add natural, elegant greenery to your home.

Pedro Capitao de Salles