For fake plant ideas, you’ll find lots online. is known for suggesting a mix of highly creative ways to use artificial plants but a lot of the stuff you’ll find online is geared towards greenery indoors. In this article, we’re exploring the topic of fake plants for landscaping, for residential and commercial use.

The beauty of fake plants is you don’t need to take care of them. There’s no trimming shrubs, cutting branches, or watering. You brighten your yard, front and back, by placing home décor plants in their place and there’s no worrying about them surviving. Even when you’re limited on space, here is how you can take low-maintenance artificial plants and turn them into key landscaping features.

Mix In Real Flowers

Create a garden of artificial greenery with real blooming flowers mixed in between. Color combinations throughout the growing season will come and go but this way, you still have a full garden.

By A Pond Or Stream

If you already have a pond or stream, consider what you can do to surround that stream with greenery artificial and real alike. It’s another way to decorate a yard and incorporate lasting textures.

Line Walls, Fences, And More

If you have walls, arbors, trellises, or fencing already in your yard, or are thinking about erecting a wall, these sorts of things can be guilty of being quite dull in appearance. Adding greenery is an all-natural way to emphasize height, material, and color, no matter what your walls are made from.

Dress Your Borders

Every property has borders. At the property line. Up against the house. Around architecture. Identify these borders and cluster outdoor fake plants around them. 

Beds At Different Heights

A lot of the ways low-maintenance outdoor plants get used will be organized in a visually stimulating arrangement. It’s rare that you use only one. To combat a sort of uniformity, create garden beds at different heights to add variety to where faux plants are put.

By Outdoor Seating Areas

The eye-catching look of an artificial plant will naturally attract guests to seating areas. Place artificial plants next to outdoor seating in a standalone planter or on a side table inside a small minimalist planter.

Create A Privacy Screen

You can use artificial boxwood topiary plants, and large artificial plants and trees in your yard to stylishly create privacy screens in your backyard. With a single or multiples, you can position around a backyard patio or outdoor sitting area to add some intimacy.

Emphasize A Walkway

If you have a path leading up to your front door or a winding path through your backyard, strategically placed artificial plants can gently indicate where one’s expected to walk or follow.

Create Shade In Your Garden

You can use medium-to-large artificial plants in an existing garden to provide shade to other plants, filtering out light and allowing low-light plants to thrive.

Now’s the perfect time to start planning your spring and summer landscaping. As the days continue to run by, make the most of the season and shop high-quality premium fake plants in Europe from
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