You may have a work-from-home setup or home office that needs a plant to make it feel more alive. Perhaps it’s a bedroom or living room side table that’s a little bare. Or what about a bathroom shelf, a dining room centerpiece, or a table by the entrance that could benefit from artificial plants. These are all settings in which a premium artificial tabletop plant works.


If you’re ready to invest in a faux plant, tabletop-sized greenery is a great place to start. They’re small enough to fit into various areas of the home, aren’t overwhelming to shape or plant, contribute a lot of the same charm and realism as their real counterparts, and last forever. Browse these expert-approved and pet-friendly fake tabletop plants from premium maker, Artiplanto. Scroll down to shop.


Faux Orchid


A faux orchid floral arrangement is perfect for a dining room table or somewhere you want a show-off.


Faux Olive Plant


A faux olive plant resembles a tiny olive tree. In a super sunny spot in your home, it will always be a beauty.


Faux Fern Plant


A frilly artificial fern plant is another highly recommended plant choice. Ferns look great and are easy to care for. They won’t accumulate a lot of dust, unlike some plants and trees. A fern will stay looking its best for many years to come.


Faux Aloe Vera Plant


A faux aloe vera plant comes across to some like a small succulent-like creation with octopus tentacles. Its very unique look will never make you forget it when it comes into view. Let it inspire your creativity.


Faux Cactus Plant


A faux cactus plant is a favorite. They’re pretty to look at and indistinguishable from the real succulent. It’s eye-catching, realistic, and super simple to set in a work-from-home office or on a windowsill.


Faux Succulent Arrangement


If you want more than a fake cactus plant can give you, buy a faux succulent arrangement. Combining a mix of artificial succulent plants inside a small bowl, lay this out on your table wherever you desire and you won’t need a green thumb to keep it looking amazing.


Faux Watercress Plant


A faux watercress plant is colorful, rewarding to look at, and has a striking aesthetic. It will look incredible in the right planter.


Faux Snake Plant


There’s no beating around the bush with this faux snake plant. A sort of large succulent-like fake plant, a snake plant will inspire creativity and make an impression on visitors. For those not interested in typical leafy plants, a snake plant is your alternative.


Faux Potted Flower Bouquet


For those wanting a little more color across their tables, an artificial flower bouquet is just the solution. As realistic faux flower bouquets are best when they use neutral, minimal color, it’s incredibly easy to introduce one of these arrangements into your existing home décor.


These are some of the best fake tabletop plants in 2022 but they aren’t the only ones. See many more from Artiplanto. All fantastic plants to choose for indoors, you won’t ever have to worry about them being less-than and wilting. They’re the ultimate solution for someone who doesn’t have the time to care for the real thing. Shop faux plants at

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