Faux plants are fast becoming a décor staple. Indistinguishable from the real thing, faux plants are causing a stir in the marketplace and it’s a great time of year to buy home décor like it. Specialty brands like Artiplanto.eu are offering premium faux greenery, far better than what you can find in-store. You will find dozens of realistically-detailed, hand-painted artificial plants in pictures online and shipping is just a click away.


What Is The Best Price For Faux Plants?


There is no ‘best price for faux plants’. The cost of artificial plants varies according to what was used to make them, how much care was taken to duplicate the realism of a real plant, and the size.


There is a wide range of faux plants on sale at Artiplanto.eu. You can find premium palm trees and large artificial trees as high as three metres in height. They vary in size and are adaptable, allowing you to reshape your plant according to the look and aesthetic you want. You will also discover a mix of artificial tabletop plants, from plants very small to greenery under a metre in width and height.


Benefits Of An Artiplanto.eu Plant


An Artiplanto.eu faux plant is a step up from the fake plants you will find down at the store. The artificial plants that are created by the teams at Artiplanto.eu are realistically detailed and crafted by hand.


High-quality faux plants from Artiplanto.eu are non-toxic and pet-safe, and look identical to the real thing. No matter whether you are using artificial plants to spruce up your home, for events décor, or need to brighten up a workspace, a faux plant is the way to do it. It’s all of the charm and convenience of a real plant with no maintenance or responsibility involved. See faux plant discounts up to 40%.


What Are The Best Faux Plants To Buy?


  • An artificial aloe tree is a lovely addition to any home office or for a room where creative work is happening regularly.



  • An artificial fiddle leaf plant is an understated form of greenery but is a warm, welcoming plant perfect for any room.


  • An artificial spathiphyllum leaf plant offers a delicate, varied pattern of green and detail carefully done by hand.


  • A faux Bird of Paradise plant will keep your room looking fresh. Snapping up a fake plant like this, you’ll be shocked at how real it looks once it’s in a planter and set up properly. The artificial Bird of Paradise plant is a favorite of ours.


  • An artificial olive tree has a loving aesthetic, stylish and versatile. With the right placement, a faux olive tree is a show-stopping centerpiece.


  • If you’re looking for something with a little more size and some darker greens, an artificial Monstera plant is hard to pass up.


Choose quality in your artificial plants over price. There’s no shine or plastic look to the faux greenery from Artiplanto.eu. Inject your room with green vibrancy and realism with the pleasing silhouette of one of our hand-painted, realistic faux plant creations. Shop exclusive online-only deals today at Artiplanto.eu.

Pedro Capitao de Salles