There’s always someone’s birthday coming around the corner. Before you’re caught without something to gift, buy a faux plant online ahead of time instead.

No need to go to the mall or overwhelm yourself come the holidays, either. It’s all there for you at, with cute, trendy faux plants waiting to be discovered. Here are some of our favourites.

Faux Rubber Plant

A faux rubber plant is there to calm anxiety, help you center your thoughts, and keep you concentrated on the task at hand. They also look extraordinary indoors as a houseplant or purposed just outside in your backyard.

Faux Banana Tree Plant

A faux banana tree plant comes with its large characteristic leaves, surprisingly expressive and able to be shaped according to the space it is put in. If you don’t know what to buy for a gift, artificial plants like the banana tree are above-average in their design and well-received.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant

A faux fiddle leaf plant isn’t outside-the-box thinking when it comes to fake plants. That said, a fiddle leaf potted plant is very adaptable and easily married into any existing home décor aesthetic.

Faux Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant

A faux spathiphyllum leaf plant is easy to maintain and looks so lively. You will love putting a spathiphyllum on display when you come to invite others over for a get-together. It’s a token decoration that will continue looking good year-round.

Faux Bird Of Paradise Plant

A faux Bird of Paradise plant is for the person who wants a little color mixed in amongst all those deep greens. Find it in small, medium, and large sizes alike. It’s a great plant to have in your entranceway or in the corner of a bedroom.

Faux Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant

A faux Hawaii Kwai palm tree plant is light on the eyes, embodies different shades of green, and is all the way tropical. If you are searching for a way to bring a little summer into your holiday season or to give a tropical-wannabe an ultimate birthday gift, try a palm large or small for the recipient.

Faux Olive Tree Plant

A faux olive tree won’t produce any real olives for you, unfortunately, but it is quite the way to show someone you appreciate them. An olive tree, like the other plants on this list, is available across multiple sizes so do not be intimidated by the word ‘tree’ thinking it is overly large. It absolutely doesn’t have to be.

Faux Snake Plant

A faux snake plant, aka a sansevieria, is a little different. It doesn’t look like your typical fake greenery and is crafted more like a succulent. It does not relate to a specific area or feel, advantageous for people who want décor that’s unique and not the sort of thing you’d like on the shelf in the home décor or artificial plant aisles.

Faux Dracaena Fragrans Plant

Buy a faux dracaena fragrans plant and dress it up in a gift basket for your loved ones. Add chocolates, some smaller gifts, and more, before wrapping it and giving it away ready to be admired.

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Andrew Lu