Fake plants are an interesting category. You have some really high-end plants here as well as haphazardly-designed faux plants that aren’t really good for anything other than looking awfully artificial.

To this point, how to take care of fake plants will vary. What applies to premium faux plants from top brands like Artiplanto is not going to be the same advice given on making the most of the cheap artificial plants you can buy from a local retailer.

One of the big questions asked around artificial plants is whether they can go outside or not. Houseplants or office plants are usually what faux plants are used for. You may not think them suitable for the outdoors. You’d be wrong. Here’s a little more on how you can take your faux plants outside.

What Will Happen To Fake Plants Outside?

When you put an artificial plant outside, there’s evidently a lot more that can go wrong than indoors. At least, it’s assumed so. Let us reassure you though that if you know what you’re doing, you’re unlikely to run into any trouble.

The main thing to remember is that a fake plant does not have any roots. It is not gripping into anything. For this reason, they have a way of toppling over with a mighty gust of wind. To successfully combat this, all you need is a heavy-duty planter. Try to find a concrete planter or planter that you can weigh down.

Natural planters, unfortunately, do not always work outdoors without protection from the rain which can eat away at natural fibers or privacy barriers to eliminate the risk of wind.

In terms of the actual faux plant itself, the cheaper it is, the more likely it’s going to look worse with age. The sun’s rays will cause fading. Moisture might eat away at the material. Also, when you come to plant it, it’s unlikely to look real in a planter or garden.

As you get used to premium-made faux plants, it’s not long before one comes to realize that cheap fake plants will always look like cheap fake plants.

Be sure to buy quality. This will ensure your plant is capable of handling harsh weather and it’s more likely that a UV-resistant coating will be applied thereby protecting it from any sun damage that may occur over the years.

You Can Put Your Fake Plant Outside Anywhere

Even a gardener or a botanist doesn’t always know what’s real and what isn’t. With a premium handcrafted faux plant, you can fool anyone. Don’t feel bad about putting your fake plants on display.

An artificial plant like the faux spathiphyllum leaf plant can go anywhere outdoors. Out on the perimeter of the yard, nestled into the corner of a compact deck, or to decorate any common areas on your property.

A lot of landscapers and outdoor property designers also like to blend in real plants or natural materials alongside faux plants. There really aren’t any rules when it comes to how you use an artificial plant. So long as it continues to look its best and hasn’t seen any damage relating to climate, temperature, or the sun, you are good to keep yours anywhere you want to.

Have a paradise of artificial plants outside and visit Artiplanto.eu today to get started on your outdoor décor journey.
Andrew Lu