An artificial tree. It’s a nice thought. Large, real-life leaves. A size that catches the eye. A décor accessory that fills the room with warmth and welcome. There are a lot of reasons to buy an artificial tree for the kitchen. What tree you buy, where you put it, and how you use it are all potential areas for décor disaster though. Here is everything you need to know before selecting an artificial plant.

Why Artificial Plants For The Kitchen

Cute, trendy faux plants are generating big numbers on Instagram, Pinterest, and online. Big, robust trees over to home office-ready tabletop plants are all in demand. In the kitchen, opportunities exist to blend in faux plants seemingly everywhere.

Atop your kitchen cabinets. In a display case in the corner of the room. A large tree as a centerpiece next to your dining room table. A small planter stand or having a faux plant on shelving. These are all ways to feature a kitchen fake plant.

The only place you don’t want to put a plant is near any heat. In a kitchen, obviously, there’s a risk of fire. Ensure your faux greenery is kept far away from the stovetop and oven. A plant is ornamental. That’s it. Treat it as such.

What about an artificial tree – they can be huge! They make artificial trees as large as 10 feet in height. Needless to say, this is a kitchen. You’ve got to be aware that there’s limited space and bigger isn’t better. A correctly-sized artificial tree though is the perfect way to make over your kitchen.

What Faux Tree Is Best For The Kitchen?

There are so many artificial trees you can choose to go with for the kitchen. A faux evergreen plant can find its place in any room. Highly adaptable in style and design, it becomes a little like having your very own jungle. Unlike a real plant, a faux evergreen also doesn’t need any maintenance.

As soon as you place your evergreen, make sure the foliage is spread out the way you want it. With a fake plant, the trunks and leaves are on wire so they are easy to bend into the shape desired.

Perhaps you have a different feel in mind. Maybe you want to go tropical with it. Palms, ferns, succulents, or an artificial agave tree are all great places to look for buying a fake tree for a kitchen.

In terms of size, 4 feet high is a fine starting height. Some may choose 5 feet or even 7 feet. Generally, taller than that can start to cause some trouble.

Another way to accessorize a faux tree is to add more greenery, natural materials, or fruits and vegetables around it. For example, start a fruit bowl. Add in some stones or have a small water stream set up. By accenting your artificial tree, you create even more atmosphere. This can be impactful on guests, giving them and you a different feel in the kitchen to work around.

We love indoor artificial trees for the kitchen and every room in the home. At, you can shop for hundreds of premium, handcrafted faux trees you can use to decorate your kitchen. Feel free to browse through our catalogue to see what’s possible.
Andrew Lu