An office is somewhere you might spend 35-45 hours a week. If you own the business, you’re probably there even longer. Décor is an opportunity to make an office feel a little more like a home and like a place that isn’t just driven by the bottom line.

A lot of the best office décor faux plants are easy to set up and contribute a lot to how your workplace looks.

Here are 9 tips you can use to make your office look more lively and productive with artificial plants.

A Plant At Your Desk

It’s an excellent work strategy to have an office desk fake plant. Why is because plants reduce anxiety and stress, and also increase productivity. As a worker, you have more focus and concentration when there are plants around. Use this to your advantage. A plant at every desk.

As A Privacy Barrier

The size and shape of certain plants make them ideal to use as a strategy to increase privacy, obscure perspective, and create some separation. You may use this as a way to separate departments on the floor or to create some distance between the supervisor desk and the workforce around them.

In Your Break Room

A break room is where an employee can come to have a few minutes to rebalance and relax. Artificial plants are known to effortlessly reduce stress. Give your workers that. If it’s a stressful workday, a break room with greens and plants can help them find some relaxation on their breaks.

Put Them Where Colour Is Lacking

Let a faux plant be your introduction to colour. If your office feels cold and unwelcoming, decorate it starting with some faux greenery. From there, see what other tasteful colours you can blend in.

Don’t Make It A Jungle

Less is more. An office has still got to feel professional. When it starts to feel like rainforest, start taking plants away.

Fill Vertical Spaces

An office has a lot of horizontal space used up with desks and chairs, file cabinets, storage, and the like. This leaves a lot of unused vertical space. Think about the possibilities of faux trees, hanging plants, or a floating shelf with plants set up along the perimeter.

Put A Plant In Your Waiting Area

If there’s a waiting area for guests or clients, this is somewhere you want to have a fake plant. They’ll instantly make the place feel more inviting, friendly, and comfortable. A lot of us, at a subconscious level, are a lot more relaxed when there is nature nearby. This works into this phenomenon.

What Office Plants To Buy?

What office plants should I buy?” There is no wrong answer. From lush palms to dark green succulents, tabletop plants to gorgeous 11” high trees and more, there is something for every office.

What Else Can You Blend In?

Try to think of other décor or aspects of nature you can bring in. You want an office to still look like a workplace but in the break room or at your entranceway, perhaps there’s a way to offer the sights and sounds of a small water fountain, or try landscape art and photos of nature wall-mounted.

Whether it’s at your cubicle, at the front of the office, or on the windowsill, artificial plants are transformative. They’re valuable not only to you but coworkers, guests, and clients as well. is where you will find some of the best faux plants for you to put on display Monday through Friday.
Andrew Lu