Have you ever mistakenly neglected a plant in some way – we have too. Maybe it was overwatering or under-watering. It could have been too much light or not enough. The wrong type of soil. Then again, it could have just been a bad seed.

It can be frustrating having a plant die on you, especially when we spend so much time and money into them.

Try a faux plant. These aren’t the typical artificial versions of old. Fake plants are actually a recommended décor option and used frequently by interior designers, decorators, wedding décor companies, in real estate staging, and more.

A plant like the artificial areca palm tree is a lush, beautiful addition to your home and doesn’t require any sort of special treatment to continue looking its darling best. Here are some of the reasons we’d offer for why switching to fake plants in home décor is your most logical choice compared to trying to make it work with the real thing.

Fake Plants Don’t Die

Nothing’s going to kill a faux plant. So long as you let it be and keep it free from dust, there’s nothing that’s going to harm it.

You Don’t Have To Open The Shutters

Real plants need light. Fake plants don’t. You don’t have to worry about opening the shutters every morning anymore.

You Don’t Have To Water Them

Faux plants don’t need any watering. This means you can go on vacation for a few days and avoid worrying about how your plant’s doing or arriving home and having a dead plant to take care of.

You Can Have Any Plant

Some plants don’t grow in Europe or they’re very difficult to sustain over the seasons. Artificial plants come in all types, shapes, and sizes. You can have wild tropical plants that wouldn’t otherwise grow in Europe. It’s fabulous!

Fake Plants Can Reduce Anxiety

Plants – real and fake alike – are proven to help relieve anxiety. If you’re high-stress as of late, surrounding yourself with calming elements like an artificial plant can help you put on a braver face.

Fake Plants Have Personality

Look at any real plant. At a certain point, they start to look half-dead and like all the personality’s been sucked out of them. That will never happen with a fake plant. They don’t need to be nurtured to bring their best personality to the table.

Fake Plants Look Real

Fake plants in home décor made by premium designers in Europe are quite realistic-looking. The fakeness that usually accompanies a lot of cheaper, low-quality plants is non-existent with the more high-quality, handcrafted designs.

Fake Plants Are Forever

If you use artificial plants for an event, special occasion, or receive one as a gift, you can keep it forever. It’s a lasting memory you don’t have to keep as just a memory. You can put a gorgeous plant on display forever.

Fake Plants Are Pet-Friendly And Non-Toxic

Some plants are highly toxic when ingested. If you have cats or dogs, or a particularly inquisitive young child at home, some real plants are best not taken home. An artificial plant has no toxicity and poses no such threat.

Liven up your space with the faux plants of your ultimate desires. Pair them with a sleek planter, blend them into your décor arrangement, and enjoy them year-round. Shop with Artiplanto.eu today.
Andrew Lu