Houseplants require time and energy to take care of. Lining up a quality alternative is much simpler.

Try artificial plants instead. They’re trending in 2021 in a big way in home décor and among millennials. Here are a few reasons why.

  • They don’t need to be watered, given sunlight, provided a specific type of soil, or taken care of.
  • Artificial plants in Europe made from premium materials are designed and painted oftentimes by hand.
  • Faux plants look more realistic than ever and always look their best regardless of the conditions.
  • They are a go-to accessory in home décor, real estate staging, and commercial property design.
  • What artificial plants should you get for your flat or house – check out our list of trendy plants in 2021.

    Artificial Snake Plants

    Artificial snake plants, aka sansevieria plants, are unique and boast strong reviews online. Searching for something that’s a little different – the sansevieria plant fits the bill. They are also formable by hand to capture the exact shape you want.

    Artificial Monstera Plants

    Monstera plants have characteristically large leaves that look like they’ve just fallen out of a jungle. They’re some of the most popular artificial plants in 2021, a fun way to decorate your bedroom or living room.

    Artificial Fern Plants

    Ferns are a vibrant, fun plant that looks as great on a tabletop as it does on a windowsill. A combination of ferns can also be arranged in interesting ways, symmetrical or otherwise spread throughout a room.

    Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plants

    Improve the vibes and energy in your home with an artificial fiddle leaf plant, one of the best-selling faux plants. You won’t ever have to risk the heartbreak of losing a real plant with faux greenery occupying a spot in your home décor.

    Artificial Agave Plants

    Agave plants are pointed, succulent-esque, and in larger sizes can be impressive to look at. Agave plants also have an exotic and tropical look, one that isn’t typically found in European climates.

    Artificial Olive Plants

    An olive tree is a little more chaotic and lighter than some of the other artificial plants on this list. For someone with a passion for greenery but who is undecided on what to buy for faux plants, olive plants are a beloved selection that are highly realistic.

    Artificial Bamboo Plants

    Artificial bamboo plants are peaking in interest. Bamboo plants are clean and an easily manageable alternative to the real thing. Bamboo plants are light, easy to form to different shapes, and match other décor aesthetics well.

    Artificial Bird of Paradise Plants

    Bird of Paradise plants have strong, lengthy banana-like leaves, and some varieties even have colour. Bird of Paradise artificial plants can dominate a room. Be careful how you style your artificial plant as it can overtake other elements.

    All of these artificial plants are available through Artiplanto. Brighten up your home with a houseplant you can rely on. Decorate rooms the way you want to with a tribute to natural greenery all with the exception of not having to maintain your plants. Find the artificial plant that speaks to you. Shop plants, trees, flowers, houseplants, and other artificial varieties of greenery.
    andrew lu