Landscaping is an alteration of an existing land design, adding ornaments and features to ultimately bring about a more artistic, purposeful, and appealing property.

An exciting activity, landscaping is an art in both residential and commercial real estate. It’s destination-centric design, turning day-to-day boring into stylish and sometimes slightly exotic experiences. Here are a few tips on how to use landscaping on your property this summer. Redesign your front or back.

What’s Your Vibe?

All the tips on landscaping won’t count for much if they don’t align with your personality. Have clarity on what your property is supposed to look like. Use it as a starting point. Then you can creatively design artistic, lavish, exciting, beautiful, and inviting flourishes.

Look At the Details

Decorating a yard or property isn’t all about the big stuff. Pay attention to the details. Going berserk stacking large talking points over other talking points has the potential to leave gaps wherein things appear unkempt or disconnected. Don’t just look at the big stuff. Consider the relationship between everything on a property and how the space in between pulls it all together.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colours

Your exterior is a chance to experiment. Make it colourful. Try light hues, pastels, greens, and vibrant combinations of your favourite colours, hopefully arriving at a final design that feels somehow like you.

Avoid A Heavy Look

We can sometimes want to use heavy-looking materials, artifacts, and constructions when landscaping but from a visual standpoint, it’s better to keep surroundings light and calm. Any artificial greenery, flowers, and plants will make your area look uber-stylish and can help to balance out heavy materials or constructions in this way.

Use Lights

Illuminate your landscaping and show off your work during nighttime hours. Solar LED stake lights work great but they’re far from the only option. Antique lamps. Edison bulbs. String lights. Lights make us feel safe and happy, and will set your hard work in landscaping in the right context throughout the early evening or during nighttime gatherings in the summer.

Choose Unique Furniture

You don’t have to incorporate furniture into your landscaping but if you do, don’t just buy anything. One-of-a-kind furniture that’s stylish and elegant, and right for your brand is strongly recommended. This will add some extra excitement, encouraging you and others to enter and enjoy its ambience.

Changing With the Seasons

How we landscape in the summer isn’t how landscaping is done in winter. In Europe, seasons change in a big way. As you gain experience in landscaping, switching out artificial plants or landscaping elements by season will become second nature. Create some variety. Light hues work well in summer while darker colours are more penetrative in autumn and winter.

Make it Spacious

Dense landscaping isn’t a thing. When you design the look and feel of a yard, it should feel spacious and light. Ensure artificial plants, seating areas, and other elements have enough area to breathe. Avoid the look of crowding clusters of things together. Everything should look like there’s a reason it’s placed where it is.

Your Entrance Should Pop!

The most important part of a landscaping design is around the entrance. This is where the most exciting elements should be placed as it’s what guests will first see upon entering. The more inviting, the better. Do something unique here, either with colour, furniture, greenery, shapes, textures, or something else.

What statement do you want to make with your landscaping – there are no limits. Faux plants in landscaping have been used to create sublime, serene settings as well as surreal and artistic achievements. Any element like this can be used in a wide variety of ways to bring happiness and excitement. Learn how to use artificial plants in landscaping at Artiplanto and order yours.

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