A balcony, patio, or terrace is well suited for a few plants. When there isn’t the space for an outdoor garden bed, the next best thing – and oftentimes preferable in terms of décor – are planters, pots, and containers.

A planter can be used for a single plant or multiples. They are made in various shapes and materials. Which one you choose to hold your favourite flowers, herbs, trees, greenery, or even artificial plants is an important decision. Arguably more than the plant, it is the planter that communicates everything about décor style and aesthetic.

How To Know What Planter To Pick

Anyone can buy a planter on a whim. It may do alright. It may not. How to pick a planter is to locate one that will last many years. Ideally, it will also be one you can repurpose inside during winter or adjust to other rooms of your home.

What size of plant and what type will dictate a lot about what sort of planter it should be paired with. If it’s a tree, evidently, a larger and preferably heavier planter will be needed to keep it stable.

In terms of placement outdoors, you may want your plants and planter to create privacy. A rectangular or large planter will be needed to create that division.

For those with the space, it is not uncommon to buy planters in pairs and then use them symmetrically, such as at an exit or entrance, along a pathway, or lining the perimeter of a backyard or outdoor area.

Also, let’s say it’s an artificial plant. This does not need any drainage or any special treatment. Planters for artificial plants can range from seagrass to natural materials, cement, concrete, bamboo, and more. If it’s a real plant, you will need drainage holes which is why plastic is so popular. You can drill through plastic fairly easily and create those holes.

Does The Look Of My Planter Matter?

Here comes the fun part. Once you know what you’re putting into your planter and what size is needed, now you get to search out the look you want. Your outdoor décor style should be maintained in the planter you select.

Modern, mid-century, and minimalism are all strong influences on today’s outdoor gardens and outdoor living styles. There is also art décor, vintage, rustic, and luxury. You also have these beautiful subcategories of décor styles, from northern European to Italian that all can factor in.

Most of the time, planters will be fairly plain-looking. They won’t be overly busy or artistic but it’s ultimately up to you as to whether you would like to decorate your planter and have a more unique expression. If you do pursue this route of decorating a planter, be aware that it could conflict with the colors or shape of your plant as well as other backyard elements. This is why planters are, for the most part, plain and in a single color. They adapt well.

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Andrew Lu