Are you looking to buy a faux palm tree online this summer – you’re not alone. Palm trees are Europe’s favourite tropical houseplant, with very few faux plants matching the warmth and fantasy of it.

Every palm seems to have its own style to it. From the stately trunk to the unique shape of the leaves arched in bouquets of green and tranquility, palm trees give off quite the vibe.

Dozens of palm tree looks and varieties exist. From exotic to classic, find yours in the pages of Artiplanto. Here are some of our curated favourites, each iconic in its own right. Comfort and sophistication in a true-to-life faux palm tree ready to sit beautifully in your bedroom, entranceway, outdoors, in the kitchen, or in your main living area.

Artificial Fan Palm Tree

The artificial fan palm tree has very distinctive leaves that resemble a fan.

Fan palms are very common in outdoor landscaping projects any time a palm is needed larger than tabletop greenery but without the size that comes with a lot of the bigger palm trees. They’re a very engaging plant, needless to say.

Artificial King Palm Tree

An artificial king palm tree is the ultimate silk plant to catch the eye with.

Similar to the fan palm, king palms are engrossingly captivating and can come in very large sizes. They are an excellent statement plant as well with large, reaching leaves that can be angled in whatever direction’s preferred.

Artificial Fishtail Palm Tree

The artificial fishtail palm tree is intriguing at least in part because the leaves don’t look like an average palm.

The leaves of a fishtail palm resemble the lower fin of a fish hence the name. They are a little more chaotic, stylish, and less refined than other palm types. A fishtail palm makes for a lively twist on tropical fake plants.

Artificial Areca Palm Tree

The faux areca palm tree is a stunning piece of greenery.

A little thinner and a little lighter in colour compared to the other choices on this list, an areca palm is a refreshing take on the iconic aesthetic that are palms. Place your palm wherever you see fit and admire this gorgeous replication from where you stand.

Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree

The faux Hawaii Kwai palm tree stands tall, strong, and proud.

With its graceful fronds and variances in colour, you are sure to bring lots of tropical joy and a little drama to the setting that claims this as a décor piece. An incredible home décor element, a Hawaii Kwai palm tree communicates relaxation and tranquility without even really trying. It’s another excellent palm choice.

Faux Tabletop Palm Plants

There are also potted faux palm plants that deserve some notice when we’re talking about summer fake plants.

A tabletop palm is much smaller and can be housed in your best pot or planter. It can be put on a table, shelf, or countertop in an ornamental fashion. Though a small addition, a potted tabletop faux plant like this still adds a lot of appeal.

Palm trees are highly suited to summer. They’re hot. They’re tropical. And fake palm trees are compact, real-looking, and able to thrive in any setting. Find the best artificial palm trees in Europe over at Artiplanto.
Andrew Lu