Modern faux fern plants from Artiplanto are some of the most lush, green-filled, and realistic-looking ever.

A strong recommendation for a tabletop plant, ferns that are artificial do not require any maintenance. They simply sit where they are and forever look like their best selves. There are no challenges to overcome. If you don’t want to be stuck with a real fern plant, an artificial fern houseplant is equal in looks and design.

Why Faux Fern Plants Are Your Best Choice Compared to Real

Ferns are unique plants. They have two separate living structures – one’s a bush and the other a tiny plant called a gametophyte. A real fern makes for exceptional company and is easy to maintain especially in comparison with other houseplants. That said, they still need the right amount of light and moisture to survive.

There is also a risk of toxicity. With a faux tabletop fern plant, it’s a non-toxic, pet-friendly, and baby-friendly plant. A real fern not so much. A real fern can be so toxic it causes dermatitis on contact in some people. If a pet or child ingests or handles a ‘non-poisonous fern’ variety, an allergic reaction is still possible.

If you are in a high-risk household or simply do not want to worry about plant toxicity, we recommend a fake plant.

What Are the Benefits of Fake Fern Plants

  • Buy a fake fern to add a little bit of wilderness to your home without bringing in actual wild plants which can attract pests, bring in diseases, and be toxic on contact or when ingested.  
  • The beauty of a fern plant is not overwhelming which is a benefit. It blends in well with various home décor themes or can be purchased in pairs to add symmetry to specific areas such as a table or in an entranceway.
  • Despite the fact that it’s a faux plant, as it turns out, plants fake or real both deliver the same mental health benefits. For the average person, this includes reducing anxiety, improving concentration, and increasing productivity if you’re in a work-from-home situation.
  • Create a beautiful ambience with a true-to-the-touch artificial tree that looks freshly brought in. Arrange your fern with other faux plants, set it out on its own, or blend it in with other décor to form the look you want.
  • Fill in dark, empty spaces with a fern plant and rest assured that it won’t wilt or die in its location.
  • Guests won’t be able to tell the difference between a real plant and a fake plant from Artiplanto. Truly.

What is the Best Artificial Fern to Buy For A Houseplant?

There is a wide range of fern plants that aren’t the least bit tricky to care for. With their unique structure, a fern adds a lot of presence and can be purposed indoors or outdoors throughout summer and then taken indoors during winter.

We have spoken a lot in this article about tabletop fern plants but there are also large tree-like ferns, a la this artificial bird nest fern plant.

At over 5” tall, this majestic fake fern plant is beautifully crafted and can fit perfectly as your garden centerpiece or in outdoor landscaping, used along a walkway or pathway, in any recreation area, in a home office, or elsewhere.

Search out the best faux fern plants in Europe at Artiplanto and lift up your space into pleasantness.
Andrew Lu