IKEA faux plants are often thought of as some the cheapest and yet most realistic-looking in Europe. In this article, we take a close look at the sort of plants available at IKEA and why alternative options may be a better buy long-term.

The Beauty of IKEA Fake Plants

IKEA artificial plants are decent enough in look. They are easy to pick up and buy. They look suitable in a variety of home décor scenarios.

Based on convenience alone, an IKEA faux plant gets lots of attention and rightfully so. So many of us go to IKEA for lots of things. As you make your way out to the front, picking up a tree or greenery is the easiest thing to do.

If you don’t look too closely at an IKEA faux plant, it is like looking at the real thing and when surrounded by other décor elements in a home or office, it certainly does the trick at creating something that feels green and lively.

Why The Best Faux Plants Aren’t At IKEA

IKEA is a brand known for producing good-quality products at very cheap cost. For an artificial plant, you do not necessarily want something cheap. After all, you’re putting a plant on display. There it could remain for months, if not years.

If you buy cheap fake plants at IKEA, you might regret it and be wanting to buy a different plant to replace it. Instead of going through that, consider buying premium artificial plants in the first place.

You aren’t going to find a premium faux plant at IKEA. That said, premium does last. They look more real. They’re made using better materials. There are lots and lots of advantages to searching out a premium fake plant brand. They also tend to offer a larger selection in a lot of cases, although the pricing may be a little higher than what you’d find at IKEA.

Where To Buy Realistic-Looking Faux Plants

A realistic-looking faux plant is the goal, hopefully. IKEA has some fair-looking ones but do IKEA faux plants look real – not as much as other designs. That’s the truth. They’re built well but also cheaply. For the price, you get what you get at IKEA.

To buy more realistic-looking artificial plants, go to an actual faux plants store. Dig into their catalogue. Someone like Artiplanto.eu can help you locate dozens of beautiful, handcrafted faux plants on sale. You can choose from not only differently-styled plants but different sizes as well.

Add to that the long list of planters, baskets, and containers you can use to put your faux plant into, and you have lots of ways to customize and make your fake plant arrangement look incredibly real and meaningful.

Faux plants continue to get more and more popular, particularly among millennials who do not have the time and sometimes not the space or resources to take care of the real thing. If you’re wanting a garden or indoor houseplant, go for an IKEA artificial plant or something more targeted.

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Andrew Lu