Though fake plants look like real plants, they don’t behave like them. With a real plant, you have to be very careful transporting it home as you don’t want to tear leaves, break a stem, or permanently damage your plant in a way that’s going to kill it. Faux plants are… well, quite different.

Buying Fake Plants Online

When you buy an artificial plant for the first time, you might not be expecting how it looks when you unbox it. The plant will not look anything like it does in-store, in its feature photos on the website, or how it’s going to look when it’s fully set up in the exact spot you’ve allotted for it.

Buying fake plants online is easy. To ship it to you, the maker has to package the plant so that everything’s tucked in and safe from damage. This means when you open the box, your new favourite artificial plant is going to be clumped together like a folded-in umbrella. It’s not damaged. Don’t worry.

How Do You Unbox A Faux Plant?

  1. How to unbox an artificial plant is to, first, take it out of the box. There should be no signs of tears or anything unexpected. As you continue to open it up and bend it into a finished shape, note any areas where there could be issues. If you’ve bought from a reliable website like, all details should be there and everything in tip-top shape.

  2. Next, take each leaf. From top to base, curve it down your hand. This will bend each leaf outward and ultimately result in a more natural look in a matter of minutes. This will eliminate the boxed-in look. The key here is to make it look as real as possible. Don’t be scared to go a little rough or hard on it although don’t overdo it.

  3. If you have purchased a larger artificial plant, such as a faux travellers palm tree, you’ll have a trunk involved. For the trunk or any sort of thick stem, there is a wire inside. Take it with both hands and slowly bend it. You can do this for most fake plants, allowing you to craft a more natural look and to get away from what it looked like when you first opened the box.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get your plants looking their best after you receive them in the box.

If you aren’t concerned with a natural look or simply do not like how this process has created shape, remember that each leaf and stem is on a wire. You can make your faux plant bend seemingly in almost any direction.

There are lots of abstract ways to use your plants, from mounting them to the ceiling to having hanging plants. You can also replant them into a different planter or arrange them in amongst different materials. Once you’ve opened the box and have gotten a feel on how to stretch the leaves, from there, you can do almost anything. It’s your artificial plant, after all. There are no rules.

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Andrew Lu