How Do You Clean Artificial Plants

Faux plants don’t need any sunlight and they don’t need to be watered. They don’t need a specific temperature or climate. They don’t need any specific soil to look their best. They’re not seasonal, either. Just because a plant isn’t real though doesn’t mean it doesn’t need the occasional clean and tidy.

Is Cleaning A Faux Plant Important?

How to clean a fake plant is easy. For premium artificial plants in Europe, a clean once every month or so and a visual inspection to ensure they are being kept up with will ensure an artificial plant stays as colourful, appealing, and as fantastically charmed as ever.

Because a plant is artificial, they aren’t going to attract bugs and diseases like real greenery would.

The real threat is dust and dirt. Dust, dirt, and debris can cover the leaves, and suddenly, what used to look incredibly real now looks like, well, a fake plant. This is why faux plants need to be cleaned. The leaves. The petals. The stem. They can all lose their shine and sheen that grows hidden under the cover of dust.

Fortunately, it’s not very time-consuming to take care of a faux plant. It really only takes a few minutes, if even. When you’re done, you’ll also have something that looks as fresh and rejuvenated as the day you unboxed it and set it in its current plant.

What is the Best Way to Clean An Artificial Plant?

How to clean artificial plants is a quick five-step process.

  • Remove any leaves, petals, or stems that may have fallen off and gotten stuck in the arrangement. If you left your faux plant outside, you may also notice organic matter blowing around in the wind has gotten caught between the leaves and stems. Discard everything that isn’t a fake plant.
  • Even if you haven’t noticed the dust accumulate, dust your faux plant with a soft-bristle paintbrush. Start at the top and work your way down each leaf, petal, and to the stem. A paintbrush is very gentle, more so than any feather duster or toothbrush which makes it the perfect tool for the job. You may see a dust covering begin to fall off. If you don’t, you can skip this step for cleaning your faux plant.
  • Another way to clean a fake plant, instead of the paintbrush method, is to take compressed air – such as a hairdryer set to cool – and let it blow. This is a sure way to eliminate any dust although be careful as this will also kick up a ton of dust which potentially could fall back down and cover your plant.
  • A third method you can use is either a microfiber cloth or a damp cloth. If the dirt is stubborn and doesn’t want to come off, or if you notice marks or stains, add some moisture. Do not use any cleaning solution or chemical as this can damage the colorfastness. Only water.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to tidy up the planter, pot, or container your fake plant sits in. This is equal in importance. You don’t want any dust or spider webs attached to your planter making your clean-up job non-apparent.
For the most stylish, serene, hassle-free faux plants, visit Artiplanto today. See the most popular artificial plants perfect to act as houseplants and as a part of a business office. As décor, fake plants never degrade. You can’t kill them! We just hope they get the occasional look and a devoted yet careful wipe-down.

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