What Fake Plants Are The Easiest to Make Look Real

To achieve a real-looking fake plant, a lot goes into it. Entire design teams have to study how a plant moves to determine what materials are best. A lot of premium artificial plants are handcrafted and painted by hand as well. All of this work is why fake plants look so real.

As a component of home décor, a decorator, real estate stager, homeowner, or plant admirer doesn’t buy fake plants online so that they can arrive looking plastic and lazy. They want authentic-looking plants!

Some plants are easier to replicate than others. To capture the personality of a plant, a plant requires a certain amount of character. As faux plants have evolved over the years, here are some of the more realistic-looking artificial plants of all-time.

Fake Cactus Plant

Real cactus plants already have a fake tinge to them. Once considered an ugly plant, in minimalist home décor, artificial cactus plants are in high demand. They’re one of the more notoriously attractive finishing touches one can add to their home décor.

Fake Bird of Paradise Plant

A fake Bird of Paradise plant has thin, long, and knife-life leaves. They have a real striking look to them that designers have worked hard to duplicate. The realism of Bird of Paradise plants and others is what has led to these fake plants being featured everywhere from doctors’ offices, spas, and restaurants to casinos, malls, and small business offices.

Fake Travellers Palm Plant

A fake travellers palm plant isn’t a typical palm but it exhibits a unique and instantly recognizable presence. The large leaves are easier to produce and craft, and are sure to rejuvenate any ugly room, space, or garden.

Fake Watercress Plant

There is no plant like the fake watercress plant. Those that enjoy a mix of green colour, the light-to-dark shading in a watercress like this is enchanting but also relaxing to look at. This is another handcrafted premium plant that’s hard to look away from.

Fake Fern Plant

A fake fern plant has a real appearance, complete with botanically accurate stems and lush greenness that can be made in any arrangement you feel. Sculpt your fern, using the wire in the stems. Being able to sculpt a faux plant with the wire inside the stems and/or trunk is very advantageous if it’s a tight squeeze to fit in somewhere.

Fake Snake Plant

A fake sansevieria plant, aka a snake plant, looks dry like a succulent but has a real wild and natural feel to it. It’s an upgrade over a cactus, with leaves that reach high, emphasizing the distorted and distracting natural tones along its edges and inward.

Fake Monstera Plant

Monstera have quite the personality to capture. Their leaves are big, dark, and beautiful. Handcrafting a fake Monstera plant takes time but is certainly doable for those with a keen and artistic eye.

These are a few of the seemingly endless array of fake plants that look real in Europe at Artiplanto.eu. See for yourself the amazing work that our design teams have put in, from the colourful details to fine-tuning the geometric shape, your roommates, family, or friends will be none the wiser when it comes to whether your plants are real or not. This is why artificial plants make for perfect home décor.

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