You might live in a small inner-city flat or on a more rural property. Either way, autumn is a lovely season in Europe, with lots of colours and life moving on and preparing for a transition to wintertime.

A large part of autumn is greenery. The plants. The flowers. The leaves. It’s all very cheery and decorative.

This fall, why not bring some of that indoors? Faux greenery is an ideal way to do that and a lot cleaner. No bugs. No diseases. Fake plants and artificial flowers live forever, and can be used every autumn, rotated in and out with the seasons.

Here is how you can decorate your home with faux plants this autumn.

What Fake Plants To Buy

No matter if it’s a fake orchid flower, an artificial palm tree, or an artificial wreath dressed in your favourite fall colors, you’ve got lots of options in decorating with colour and awakening the beauty that only comes in fall.

There is no right or wrong answer in what fake plants to buy so long as they are premium faux plants.

You want none of the cheap stuff. Cheap fake plants consistently look cheap and fake. A premium plant has a lot more detail, is made from better materials, and will look better when displayed in your home.

How To Get Autumn Colours In Home Décor

Fake plants in autumn aren’t strictly meant for use September through December. If you really want to have some fall colours in your décor, you may wish to paint some of the leaves or decorate with other autumn décor surrounding a plant.

You are less likely to find the perfect faux plant for fall and more likely to find a trendy autumn planter in which you can put your favorite artificial creation.

Play with this. Use a mix of rustic and stressed materials with classic autumn colours being your guide.

Autumn Is A Season Of Stressed Looks And Transitions

Every other season has fairly bold color palettes. Autumn’s colours are a lot more stressed. In choosing the perfect fake plant, you don’t want to intentionally stress or damage a plant. So define your plant by what you put around it.

Think about what the spirit of autumn means to you. Inject plants into your home décor layout sparsely, accompanied with the right décor.

  • A tabletop plant should have more than just its minimalist self in a planter.
  • Create a wreath from faux greenery and a mix of fall colours and autumn-themed decorations.
  • Create a dining room table centerpiece or a centerpiece for your kitchen with a mix of artificial greenery of your choosing and fabric coloured in autumn.
  • If you’re short on space, use a hanging plant or make a hanging terrarium that mixes together all sorts of beautiful greens, rocks and stones, and arts and crafts pieces.
  • A large artificial tree can be decorated with fall colours and iconography in and around it.
There are no limits to how you may celebrate this autumn. Take it upon yourself to decorate, celebrate, and cherish the passing of time. Search out artificial plants for your fall décor from today.
Andrew Lu