What Are The Best Plants You Don’t Need To Take Care Of?

Some indoor plants are difficult to take care of. Issues with sun, watering, and climate are very common with gardeners across Europe growing their very own indoor gardens. Some plants evidently are easier to grow and maintain than others.

If you are struggling to keep your houseplants alive, make a switch to easier plants. Here is a rundown of our top 7 favourites.


Pothos are a houseplant favourite and have been for many, many years. They thrive in almost every indoor space imaginable and can tolerate low light. The biggest benefit or issue you’ll experience with a pothos is they grow vines quickly. They can sometimes extend up to 10 feet outward.

If you are looking for the best plant that won’t die, a pothos may be what we’d recommend.

Palm Tree

A palm tree is graceful, tropical, and feathery. There are all types of palm trees, including faux palm trees. They are fairly low-maintenance and most are non-toxic. They also only require watering every 1-2 weeks.

Some people still find palms difficult to care for. If you’ve hit a string of bad luck, try an artificial palm instead.


A philodendron comes with heart-shaped leaves and trailing vines. It is a very popular hanging plant and is also used in small planters. The vines will grow and so you’ll want to be ready for the vibrant greenery that springs forth.

Like the aforementioned palm, a philodendron only needs to be watered every 1-2 weeks.

Snake Plant

A sansevieria, more commonly known as a snake plant, is a succulent. It tolerates medium to bright light and can go without being watered for up to three weeks, although we’d strongly recommend a watering every two weeks.

A realistic-looking snake plant is also available from Artiplanto.eu that is perfect if you travel frequently.

Bird’s Nest Fern

A Bird’s Nest Fern needs medium to bright indirect sunlight in soil that’s almost dry. It doesn’t require a lot of watering and can be placed anywhere out of the sun indoors and still receive enough attention to sustain itself.

As an added bonus, this type of fern plant is also non-toxic so it’s safe to be around pets.

ZZ Plant

A ZZ plant may be a little tougher to get as it’s not as popular as the other names on this list. A succulent, the ZZ plant is able to tolerate droughts and only needs to be watered every three weeks. The plant survives by potato-sized rhizomes that help store water.

If you truly want a hands-off plant with a very low chance of it dying, the ZZ plant is another excellent choice.

At Artiplanto.eu, we do artificial plants better than anyone. Premium, handcrafted, and maintenance-free. They are the answer to what to do if you don’t want to take care of a real plant. Realistic and designed in extreme detail, before you decide to buy a real plant, check out some of the faux and artificial plants at Artiplanto.eu. You may be surprised by the beauty you discover.

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