What a disruption the last year has been to what’s considered ‘normal’ for so many of us. Reopening our economy isn’t just about returning to what we left. It’s about redesigning our spaces to be more functional, modern, and useful. Here are interior design and home décor trends in 2021 you can use to reinstate some stability to your space.

Spark Joy

Your space should inspire happiness. A drab, dull room isn’t going to work in 2021. Use bright decorative elements that impact, such as trendy home décor faux plants. The more interesting the patterns and designs, the more lively you can make almost any room feel.


More on the design side than décor, public spaces such as hotels, offices, and retail areas are focusing on contactless elements. Doorways, lighting, faucets, elevators, and other interior design standards are being converted into contactless functionality via motion or voice-activation.

Multi-Purpose Layouts

Although one doesn’t want to busy up a space with ‘too much’, multi-purpose layouts are trending. Through the use of area rugs and flexible barriers of artificial agave tree plants and greenery, one can easily divide up a room into different sections dedicated to different activities. This has happened frequently in homes where bedrooms or dining rooms are transformed into home offices. 

Sanitized Finishes

People are a lot better educated on how to sanitize, disinfect, and clean a space these days. Especially if you’re redesigning a public space, replace finishes to ensure they’re self-cleaning, antimicrobial, and/or can be easily sanitized.

Biophilic Interior Design

‘Biophilic’ is about incorporating nature into our otherwise nature-less space, i.e. offices, condos, and more. Try to look at where greenery can exist. If you’re concerned about plants toxic to animals or not being able to consistently take care of a real plant, buy fake plants online to maintain instead.


One-of-a-kind unique décor. Nothing beats it. If you are an artist or you know someone, original artwork can spruce up a space very elegantly. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to wall art. Homemade woodworking pieces, metal pieces, sculptures, and anything else you may think of are all ways to make something entirely your own and individual rather than the same décor trends we see every day.

Bring In Natural Fabrics

Biophilic interior design can also incorporate natural fabrics and materials like wood, rope, cement, and stones. There is something about nature that is very soothing. If you want to emphasize well-being, try to mix in more natural, non-digital home décor alongside any fake plants you may have in the room.

Calm, Anti-Anxiety Spaces

A lot of people continue to be in the midst of a mental health battle trying to find themselves in the world again. As much as one wants to bring in joy, light, and vibrancy, don’t overdo it. Minimalism still works. Try to find that middle ground and bring it items, furniture, or art that’s designed to ease anxiety, mental health trouble, and that gives healthy, positive feelings.

Home décor trends in 2021 are real responses to everything that’s transpired in the past year. Discover what speaks to you and search out the perfect complementary faux plant or fake greenery to infuse your space with warmth and welcome. Visit Artiplanto.eu today to learn more.
Andrew Lu