Instagram is a source of many trends. Hashtags, keywords, and analytics reveal a lot about artificial plants that are resonating with millennials and Gen Zers. Whether you’re searching for inspiration for your own home décor faux plants or are just curious, here are Instagram’s top 10 artificial plants for 2021.

Artificial Agave Plant

You couldn’t come up with a more tropical plant if you tried than the artificial agave plant. Accessorizing a room with an agave adds a sense of dry, hot summer from down-under. A commonplace purchase for anyone who enjoys travelling to warmer climates.

Artificial Dracaena Tree Plant

The artificial dracaena tree plant adds a nice contrast with modern-minimalist décor. As the artificial plant trend has grown on Instagram and in home décor since early 2020, dracaena greenery has proven to be a super-stylized essential.

Artificial Canna Plant

An artificial canna plant has long, thin leaves exposed from a decorative base. Though cannas are underrated in the faux plant community, they’ve been gaining more steam as a new fake plant to try. It’s easy to rely on the same classics again and again. A canna is perceived as something new.

Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant

The artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree has been extremely popular for a while. Palms are a must-have for those seeking a summer or tropical vibe year-round. Unlike a real palm, a fake palm is much easier to take care of and always has on its best look.

Artificial Fan Palm Tree Plant

A Hawaii Kwai isn’t the only faux palm tree type in Europe. The artificial fan palm tree plant is another trendy Instagram-ready fake plant. A pattern of long, twisting leaves, this palm tree continues to be amongst the most popular greenery trends of the year.

Artificial Cactus Plant

Yes, artificial cactus plants are much loved. Perhaps more than most fake plants, a faux cactus plant is incredibly real-looking. If you are concerned or have thoughts about mixing artificial greenery in with your home décor, rest assured you will never be found out with an intuitively-designed cactus.

Artificial Ficus Tree Plant

An artificial ficus tree plant is well known for having a trunk that wraps around itself. A natural, entangling rhythm is maintained, with its top end being dominated by lovely decorative light-to-dark greens.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant

The artificial fiddle leaf plant is out in full force in 2021. A highly adaptable look with very good foliage, the fiddle leaf is a perfect starter plant or for those who aren’t yet sure what faux plant they’re into.

Artificial Fern Plant

Did you know an artificial fern plant can actually grow to be tree-size large – it’s true! From tabletop size to large trees, ferns dominate the faux plant landscape. Embrace them and incorporate ferns into your home décor setup for a cute, trendy vibe.

Artificial Bird Nest Fern Plant

A contrast to the average fern is the artificial bird nest fern plant. Equipped with clusters of fern leaves bird nest-style, this is a beautifully-done tree that works just as well as a centerpiece as it does in the corner of the room.

There are all sorts of unique artificial plants you can blend into your décor. This is just the start. is the place to shop for all these and more. Buy trendy, premium artificial plants in 2021 from the top brand in the industry. Visit us today.

Andrew Lu