A home garden or backyard garden can very easily get overgrown, challenged by the unpredictable climate, or be a stretch from the exquisite-looking gardens seen in gardening magazines.

A home garden of artificial plants is much easier to stage and present. You can have a comparable garden to even the best gardens of Europe with beautifully detailed faux plants backing you up.

Put that aspiration into action! Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating an existing garden space, here are must-have faux plants for home gardens to spruce things up into a paradise.

Artificial Monstera Plant

A Monstera plant is a new texture to add to any garden. Its big leaves appear ripped by the weather. This is classic Monstera. In a backyard where a faux Monstera can really stretch itself wide, a homeowner can make it its centerpiece in the garden.

Artificial Areca Palm Tree Plant

Creating an artificial tropical garden with faux plants is more than possible with the areca palm plant. This is far from the only palm tree or palm plant available in artificial form but it is a trendy favourite at the moment.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant

A classic houseplant, add an artificial fiddle leaf plant to your home garden arrangement. Positioned by a doorway or wall, it’s an eye-catching delight that won’t clash with other colours at play.

Artificial Sansevieria Dark Green Plant

In your palette of what’s expected in a home garden, a sansevieria dark green plant doesn’t usually make the list. That’s what makes it such a unique plant to take in. Grab a few and customize them in a symmetrical or wild look. Either works.

Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant

A Hawaii Kwai palm tree plant is another tropical faux plant that can be blended in and synchronized to your other plants. It’s also a wise move done by some gardeners to use artificial plants and trees like this to base a real garden around, mixing in real plants alongside faux varieties.

Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant

The Bird of Paradise faux plant is a highly complementary plant that’s used in a lot of different home décor themes. As a garden plant, you can rely on a Bird of Paradise to add another layer of unique greens and textures that you’ll want to run up and touch.

Artificial Olive Tree Plant

An olive tree plant is an adaptable artificial plant. It works in modern-minimalist gardens, contemporary exploratory gardens, coastal gardens, and so much more. It’s the backdrop to many vibrant flowers, greenery, and more.

Artificial Cactus Tree Plant

If you’re looking for a dry, American-style flair, try this desert-ready artificial cactus tree plant. Succulents are a great choice to begin with because they don’t take much to care for. Unfortunately, they can still die like any other plant. A faux cactus tree navigates around that risk.

Artificial Crotons Plant

An artificial crotons plant is a mix of yellow, green, and slight shades reminiscent of autumn. Changing the look of your garden into something more colourful, the crotons plant is still very much green-based which can help if you think too much colour could ruin your home garden theme.

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andrew lu