Artificial plants in Europe are trending in a big way this year. Millennials love them. Commercial developments are using them to spruce up office environments. The hospitality sector are combining local trees and plants with premium true-to-life faux plants from specialty brands like Artiplanto.

From indoor houseplants to home décor, faux plants have a role to play both as centerpieces and as accents.

Why Buy Faux Plants?

If you are considering buying artificial plants in Europe, you’re not the only one. There are numerous reasons to want faux plants in your home or office.

  • Premium artificial plants from Artiplanto are handcrafted and use high-quality materials ensuring they last a lifetime.

  • Faux plants are sturdy like a real plant at their best and their appearance will never fade or diminish.

  • Artificial plants are easy to maintain. No watering. No sunshine. No supervision needed. Faux plants are as no-commitment as greenery gets.

  • By having faux plants in play, you increase the aesthetic value of your property. Highly adaptable to your backyard, outdoor space, patio, and every room in the house, greenery can always be nestled into somewhere.

  • There are dozens and dozens of different types of artificial plants, from tabletop desk potted plants to large faux trees.

  • What You Need to Know About Buying Artificial Plants

    There are a few key rules to know when planning a purchase of faux plants.

    Know where you intend to put them. Before you buy faux plants, get a clear sense of where you intend to put them and the dynamics of the space or landscape. Measure space and scale, solidifying the exact size you need.

    Choose a planter. The planter you choose for your plant will have a lot of influence on plant presentation. For example, you have large round planters, collections of smaller planters on wooden or hairpin legs, hanging planters which are mounted to the ceiling, and others.

    Budget. Cost matters. You don’t want to buy the cheapest faux plant there is. Those won’t last and they’ll look very fake. No, instead, search out something with the detail and long-term aesthetic value you want. You deserve a permanent fixture in buying a plant. Choose wisely.

    Texture. Natural-looking plants are what you want to look for. Buying faux plants online, that’s a challenge because you only have photos to go off of. Fortunately, you have price, material, brand, and more to indicate some information on what to expect in realism.

    Don’t overcrowd your space. If you’re inexperienced with home décor and working out where to put what, it’s better to have too few plants than too many. Be artful with where you put your plants. Don’t stock them up too high or too close together, unless it’s for a specific look.

    Dense or light. Some artificial trees and plants are very dense while others are light. When sketching out a rough idea in your head for what you want, outline the sort of look you want in a plant. You may already know.

    Shop artificial plants at Artiplanto today. Faux plants are a clever way to decorate a room, eliminating the commitment required to the real thing. See real-life detail that’s exciting and vibrant, asking for your attention and contributing to your décor theme. Shop all your favourite artificial plants from a brand you can trust.
    andrew lu