Faux plants are true-to-life replications of real plants. They don’t need any watering, sunlight, or special temperature to look their best and they will last a lifetime.

A far more affordable buy compared to some plants and less of a time investment, there are dozens to choose from. Here are some of our favourite artificial plants for spring 2021, from Artiplanto’s catalogue.

Artificial Olive Tree Plant

An artificial olive tree is a sort of chaotic and experimental look. Mold the shape of the branches to suit the space you have. A faux plant like this will last with you through every season with no hassle.

Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant

The Bird of Paradise plant has large beautiful tropical leaves that are simple yet so detailed up close. Decorate your home with an artificial Bird of Paradise if you’re really looking for those sort of summertime vibes.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant

An artificial fiddle leaf plant is one of the most popular houseplants in the world. If your aim is decorating quickly and to appeal to the most amount of people, an artificial fiddle leaf plant is very safe. A common selection for real estate staging and the like.

Artificial Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant

An artificial spathiphyllum leaf plant is a little more unique. From its veiny leaves to its coziness, greenery doesn’t come much darker in colour than this. Drench your home in it. Try something new and unexpected. You may be surprised how well it suits your existing décor theme.

Artificial Travellers Palm Tree Plant

An artificial travellers palm tree plant is a tropical plant suiting many different interior design styles. Palm trees are a fine plant to consider of the artificial variety as they are one of the most real-looking out there.

Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant

If you’re just beginning with artificial plants, an artificial Hawaii palm tree is your classic palm. Expressive leaves. Tall and wide. Lightweight. It fills out a lot of area so be sure to place it somewhere it can really shine as a plant.

Artificial Sansevieria Dark Green Plant

An artificial sansevieria dark green plant is an inspiring succulent, slightly dark and gothic but always green. Dry and extending upwards, this affordable artificial plant is an alternative to succulents and cactus plants, mixing a little of that look with a more green and light common houseplant theme.

Artificial Monstera Plant

Monstera plants are known for their big finger-like leaves. By opting for a Monstera artificial plant, it’s really the sort of plant you want to feature in a home. It isn’t the type of plant used as an accent. Monsteras carry their own appeal and attract the eye, particularly those of plant admirers.

Artificial Ficus Tree Plant

An artificial ficus tree plant is the perfect selection if you aren’t sure where to start with the many varieties of faux plants. Change the look of your room completely with a thin artificial plant like this nestled into a corner or beside furniture.

Plants can be the point of attraction to a room or accentuate and act as supporting décor. Regardless of how you use yours, it’s important to have realistic, premium artificial plants that ultimately look real and hold up to scrutiny. See the best artificial plants for spring 2021 from Artiplanto. Handcrafted, high-quality, and detailed.
andrew lu