Why Choose Artificial Plants Over Real Plants For Your Home

The real thing. We all want it. Fake, by definition alone, is an imitation of what’s real. If there’s a choice between real and artificial, wouldn’t you prefer the real thing – of course! With faux greenery though, this is where there’s a twist. This is where artificial plants have more of an advantage.

Faux Plants Will Last A Lifetime

A plant comes in during its season and eventually things wrap up and that’s it! A faux plant survives. It’s not living so there’s nothing tying it to any sort of cycle. It’s a look perfectly preserved for many years to come.

Faux Plants Come In Different Varieties

When you really start to dig into artificial plants and the many types of plants you can buy, surprisingly, there are hundreds of options. Tabletop plants ready to be put on a shelf. Faux hanging greenery. Artificial trees. So much more. You can find it all.

Faux Plants Look Real

Whether you are buying an artificial Hawaii palm tree or something much different, the more premium plants are all carefully crafted and usually hand-painted, ensuring they resemble down to the finest detail the real thing.

You Can Have Unique Plants

Every part of Europe has different plants that will go there. If what you want is not able to successfully grow in your region, you may think you’re out of luck. Not quite. With a fake plant, anything’s possible. If you want to deeply tropical garden or something right out of southern Australia, you can have it.

Faux Plants Save You Time

Cumulatively, over the course of a plant’s lifespan, you’re spending hours taking care of it. To some people, that’s time that can probably be better put towards other things. Setting up an artificial plant takes seconds and then you’re done. No watering. No nothing.

They’re Easier To Buy

If you want to buy fake plants online, you can. It’s easy. Add to cart, add payment information, and in days, you have the plant you ordered delivered to your flat. Compare that to ordering plants which can take a long time to arrive for you and it’s a gamble on how they’ll turn out regarding their growth and appearance.

You Can Put Them Away For Seasons

As home décor accents, faux plants are frequently used on a seasonal basis. They can be put away into storage when you don’t want to have them around and you can pull them out whenever you so desire, keeping things looking fresh and lively at all times. You can’t do this with real plants.

Faux Plants Are Easy To Shape

High-quality artificial plants are built with wire running through the branches. This allows a plant owner to shape their faux plant according to how they like. They can choose to have a very natural look or go totally abstract with it and make it look peculiar.

If this is your first time buying an artificial plant, skip the disappointments of shopping low-quality products with brands that don’t offer anything more than the cheapest plant possible. Artiplanto.eu has hundreds of beautiful faux plants done by hand. Shop with us today.

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