A wedding is a lot of pressure to get things right. Décor counts for a lot on this day. The faux greenery you choose for a wedding has to be correctly placed and the right type. If you aren’t sure what wedding artificial plants are best, here are a few ideas to get started with.

Artificial Plants Along Your Wedding Aisle

Place wedding faux plants at strategic places along your wedding aisle. For plant lovers and gardeners, this is a kind way to put on display your favourite plants and flowers. Done in a balanced way with pairs, it’s also a way to naturally direct attention down the aisle and to the front.

Tabletop Plant Next to Your Sign-In/Guest Book

Lay out a book for guests to sign and leave the marrying couple a message. Faux tabletop greenery works well in this location, adding a sense of eye-catching lushness that will attract attendees over to see closer what’s over there.

A Faux Plant For Every Table

At the reception, use your best fake plant for weddings to put individually on each table. This emphasizes a sort of eco-sustainability theme but can also blend in with other wedding themes you may have going, such as a white-and-gold theme.

Create Art From Your Fake Plants

Particularly with cheap fake plants that you won’t feel bad about cutting to shreds, create a piece of art from what you have. Chop it all up and glue it, stick it, paint it, or do something creative with your partner. Craft something that’s a representation of the marrying couple’s individual personalities coming together.

Wedding Party Bouquets

The most obvious way to use faux plants is in an artificial flower wedding bouquet. You can choose flowers for a bouquet or go with your favourite fake plant leaves and stems. With faux plants, you don’t have to worry about any wilting, drooping, or dying plants on the marrying couple’s wedding day.

Arrange Tabletop Plants On Matching Shelves

Create a sort of natural entranceway or backdrop with a mix of faux plants placed inside a vertical shelf or preferably two vertical shelves separated symmetrically. This is a great way to compare two or three varieties of faux plants and interchange them visually. 

Go Big With Premium Artificial Trees

Surround the premises with large artificial palm trees. Or have a single faux tree strategically placed in the room, perhaps as a backdrop to the festivities. A tree is a statement piece. Selecting a faux tree as opposed to smaller plants presents a challenge in terms of what to do with it afterward. That said, more wedding décor experts and wedding décor services are using premium artificial plants and trees in this way. You may want to ask around to see what’s possible.

Arrange Plants In A Unique Shape

Depending on the venue you’ve chosen, especially if it’s outside, you might have lots of space where you can arrange potted plants in a specific shape, i.e. a half-circle. You don’t want to make it look like an alien has landed, however. If you’re shooting wedding video by drone, consider a heart or something special that you will forever remember.

Fake plants, faux greenery, and artificial flowers are one of the best wedding décor investments any couple can make. They don’t have to concern themselves with the unpredictability of real flowers. Visit Artiplanto.eu to check out the wide variety of flowers, plants, and greenery for weddings.
Andrew Lu