“They’re fake! Why do you buy artificial plants when you can just grow your own?” What a question!

Fake plants are trending in 2021, particularly among young people. Faux plants years ago were borderline toxic in terms of their home décor value. No one wanted them. They looked totally plastic and not real. We don’t blame anyone for not wanting that sort of ‘discount store’ vibe inside where they live, sleep, cook, and have fun.

Times have changed, thankfully. Today’s premium faux plants are far more real than most imagine. Here are some of the reasons why more people than ever are buying fake plants as opposed to growing their own.

They Catch The Eye

A fake plant has a way to lighten up a room. It’s very pretty, pristine home décor and an extraordinary way to decorate a space. There is something about nature that automatically seems to catch the attention of most people.

It’s Trendy

A trend gets bigger and bigger as more people jump on board. Trendy fake plants on Instagram are a big thing among a certain crowd. Everyone’s looking for greenery that matches their personality, to fill up their bedrooms, condos, and homes with.

You Get The Depiction of Nature

So many of us live totally separate lives from nature. Particularly in cities, it’s not difficult to go months without setting foot on grass. Having a faux plant brings a little bit of nature inside without committing you to a care plan on how to raise a plant.

We Don’t Have The Space For A Garden

How a lot of us live in Europe today is in increasingly smaller spaces. In major cities like London, very few of us have the space to have a proper garden. Even those that do have to really maximize every available inch to do so. Even if you don’t have all the space in the world, an individual faux plant like a faux fiddle leaf plant can sit anywhere and still remind you of the outdoors.

A Fake Plant Is Single-Use Manicured Beauty

You shape a fake plant once. That’s it. There’s no ongoing clipping, watering, and ongoing responsibility around a faux plant. It’s perfect from the moment you shape it and in perpetuity. Save yourself time, effort, and money in trying to keep a real plant looking picturesque. A picturesque artificial plant is just a delivery away, if you want it to be.

We Don’t Have Time For A Garden

When you’re working a full-time job, hustling on the side, going out with friends, and having romantic entanglements, there’s not a massive amount of time left to garden. Enter into that traveling and the like. Don’t worry. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to caring for a real plant, but artificial plants online instead.

They’re Safe For Pets

High-quality faux plants are non-toxic. A dog or cat isn’t at risk being around them. This means you can have the look of virtually any plant and not have it be an immediate threat to your pets or baby like some plants are.

Dozens of reasons exist as to why we buy fake plants. Even with real plants outside, sometimes, buying faux plants makes a lot more sense. To see long-lasting, quality-made, and pretty faux plants in Europe, visit Artiplanto today.
Andrew Lu