A romantic gift is often something like chocolates. Something fairly standard. Flowers play into traditional gift-giving of the romantic type as well. Roses are nice but also fairly common. A bouquet arrangement of flowers shows you care, yes, but it doesn’t necessarily have lots of meaning behind it. Anyone can buy a plant or flower. To have it mean something is another.

Here are some of the most romantic plants to give as a gift to your partner or loved one.


Lilies have been used for over 3,000 years as a symbol of romance. They stand for love and tenderness. Though a white lily stands for purity and innocence, a more romantic choice is anything red, yellow, or purple which expresses pure love.

There are lots of ways to create your own arrangements that last forever when you buy artificial plants online.


Bromeliads are very colorful, bold, and a fancy tropical flower to use in décor and to gift. Bromeliads aren’t first-choice in the romantic department but there is something remarkable unique about them. They have lots of personality.

If you don’t want to rely on the same flowers time and time again, bromeliads make for a nice surprise.


Hydrangeas are spectacularly romantic. They often come in multiple shades and are grown as shrubs. There is a timelessness to their soft beauty that many will appreciate.

If you’re looking to prepare a bouquet on your own, hydrangeas add lots of volume.


A cluster of wildflowers make for very romantic décor. Wildflowers are chaotic but also natural and meaningful. They look like they’ve come right out of the garden and are often colorful, expressive, and in many cultures represent joy.

If you are buying a gift for a more creative, abstract kind of person, wildflowers is no doubt your best choice.


Peonies are serious business in the romance department. They are often used for weddings, included in the bride’s bouquet as well as in centerpieces. Peonies represent commitment, fortune, and happiness. This may be a little too intense a message for some people to send, admittedly.

Peonies look gorgeous in a palette of similarly-styled romantic plants and flowers.

Gerber Daisies

Gerber daisies are white, pink, and purple, and symbolize grace, love, and compassion. If you want to express admiration and love towards someone, each daisy is almost like its own little painting. Absolutely stunningly beautiful.

Once again, this is a very romantic flower with lots of meaning behind it. Be sure to pair it with a trendy planter.


Magnolias have long been equated to romance. Centuries ago, in the Victorian age, a magnolia was a sign of love. They were often used as a discreet message of admiration and beauty. In ancient China, magnolias were also used as a symbol of beauty, gentleness, and the ultimate representation of ‘woman’.

In love, dignity, and perseverance, a magnolia plant is a glorious and romantic choice for your partner.

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Andrew Lu