As we return to ‘normal’, a lot of us are finding 2021 to be a year where the world’s reshaped a bit.

How public spaces, i.e. offices, function has changed and arguably so has their purpose. Workers now have the technology and permission to work remotely, leaving offices stuck in an identity crisis.

The future of office space design is going to encompass many things. It is perhaps currently centered on how to bring workers back and also the ways in which a brand can redefine itself through simple choices in color, décor, and atmosphere. Office artificial plants have a role to play.

Calm Employees

No one gets stressed out looking at a plant, real or fake. Having them around actually lowers blood pressure and calms a room. This can be helpful as workers get acclimated to working in offices again.

Increase Productivity

Not only do they instill calmness but faux plants also are known to motivate productivity, facilitating better focus and concentration. If you are concerned about performance levels or have a group of workers struggling to step back into the rhythm of the office, artificial plants somehow have a way of helping human beings keep their attention on something.

They’re Expressive

There’s a fake plant for everyone. Be it a faux philodendron plant, a succulent, or something entirely different, artificial plants can be put on a shelf or tabletop by an office worker’s area allowing them to personalize it a bit. Encourage self-expression in office décor and permit employees to bring with them their own items to put around their desk.

They’re Trendy

Office workers want to work somewhere modern, trendy, and flexible. Those three descriptors are important. They can be difficult to live up to as well. With a faux plant, i.e. an artificial Monstera potted plant, they’re trending big among millennials right now. This updates your office and, assuming it’s combined with other strategies and initiatives, can help the same office an employee left months ago feel more exciting, fun, and open.

Stoke Creativity

Being around natural-inspired décor and shapes we would find in natural settings can inspire creativity and problem-solving. If you have an office that’s reliant on troubleshooting issues day-in and day-out, faux plants are a décor choice that go far beyond simply looking amazing.

Attract Workers In

Offices are going to have some trouble this year bringing people back. With so many remote positions open, if someone can make the same money or more working from home and sans commuting, that’s trouble for a small business office. Through the use of faux plants for office décor, you’re working your way towards having a warm, inviting atmosphere where workers hopefully will want to be.

Create Private Spaces

When an office worker is off the clock and in the break room, an office manager will want this area to be as comfortable as possible. Don’t just crowd tables and chairs together. Upgrade break room décor a bit. You may create private spaces, separate tables and chairs into different areas, or use artificial plants between seating areas to help create distance without having the room appear empty.

How will you design your post-pandemic office and co-working spaces – do it with faux plants from
Andrew Lu