When you want to move your faux plants outdoors for the summer, you may be wondering several things.

Will my artificial plants tolerate the sun?
Will they withstand the moisture from rain?
Could the wind blow the plants over?
Will they survive everything that comes with being outdoors?

A premium realistic faux plant should be able to tolerate the sun, withstand moisture, and centered in the right planter won’t blow over. A lot of how well a fake plant does outdoors is related to how it’s used.

In this article, we look at DIY ways to use faux plants outdoors, on your deck or patio, or in the backyard.

Faux Plant Table Centerpiece

Put a fake plant in the middle of your table on a deck, patio, or in the backyard, and use it centerpiece-style.

Dress Up Your Perimeter

If you have a small yard to work with, a common approach is to stick faux plants along the perimeter. This keeps them out of the way while also giving you full view of them.

Mix Plant Sizes And Planter Colors

You don’t need a sequence of uniformly-sized faux plants. Try to add some naturalness. Create contrast by grouping together differently-sized artificial plants and planters, especially if you’re dressing the corner of a deck or an area specifically in greenery.

Create Focal Points In The Yard

In large yards or outdoor areas, you don’t want it to feel too vast. Make focal points, using fake plants to draw the eye to specific areas across the yard.

Buy Artificial Boxwood Topiary Plants

For someone looking at their landscaping and how to use faux plants in their backyard, some artificial boxwood topiary plants may be exactly what you need. Topiary plants are available in several shapes and sizes, and can be arranged in rows, abstract formations, along pathways, beside a seating area, or to line a fence or property line.

Mix Real Live Plants With Faux Plants

There is no rule saying real plants and artificial plants have to be totally separate. If anything, the opposite is encouraged.

Don’t hesitate to mix real and fake plants in planters. Assuming the fake plants are premium, detailed, and realistically-designed, they won’t look out of place alongside real plants. This can also be a great way to provide some plants with a little shade.

Think Of Your Plants As Privacy Screens

You can’t have a fence or privacy wall around every area of your outdoors but you can use artificial plants for some privacy. A shelf of minimalist faux plants. A large artificial palm tree extending across the side of a deck, obscuring vision. There are lots of ways to use greenery to make private different parts of your yard.

Faux Plant In A Heavy Planter

Ensure the planter you choose is heavy enough to keep the artificial plant upright. The larger a plant, the more weight you will need. Ensure the planter you have is weighed down by dirt, stone, sand, or a similar material.

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Pedro Capitao de Salles