As an alternative to real plants, faux plants are frequently relied upon in events décor, and for special occasions and celebrations. They don’t ever wilt or fade. They can be counted on to resemble themselves in perpetuity without issue which is why they’re such a décor favorite. Whenever you’re planning a party, event, or celebration, you don’t want to be worrying about plants having to be watered or them looking sad. You don’t get that with fake plants.


There are many occasions where premium artificial plants can be used and that make sense. Anywhere you might be renting a gathering space. At home with friends or family over. During evening celebrations where the sun is down and you still want a lively vibe. During outdoor gatherings and indoor alike. Here are 7 events that high-quality faux plants décor are perfectly suited for.


Faux Plants For Family Dinners


When you’re having a family dinner or are inviting a few friends over for supper, styling the room with some premium fake plants can help fill in a large room and make the occasion feel extra special. An artificial plant can be used as a table centerpiece or a large artificial tree can be stationed in a corner.


Faux Plants For Grand Openings


More restaurants and businesses launching their grand openings are making room for artificial greenery in their stores. A mix of affordable premium faux plants make for excellent event decoration. You can dress them to a theme, incorporate them in the layout, set them in the periphery or on tables, or wherever you like. Lots of possibilities!


Faux Plants For Weddings


A wedding is one of the more common instances where fake plants can be used to set a tone and communicate the celebratory nature of the occasion. A wedding comes with many things to worry about but with faux plants, greenery won’t be one of them. You can style a plant and leave it alone, and have it remain exactly the way you left it.


Faux Plants For Corporate Events


Corporate event planners are known to rent hotel spaces, halls and event centers, and similar settings for gatherings that could be upwards of dozens or even hundreds of people. These are often large spaces that necessitate some décor and materials to fill it in and make it feel festive, and in that, a sequence of premium artificial plants, trees, or flowers can play a part.


Faux Plants For New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve and similar celebratory occasions want to feel fun, warm, and welcoming. A collection of high-quality faux tropical plants and trees surrounding photo-taking booths and seating can give the night a really fun tone.


Faux Plants For Real Estate Staging


If you’re selling a home, artificial plants are a popular type of décor you can use to make a property feel lived-in and warm. Fake plants are frequently requested by realtors, real estate agents, and independent home-sellers for this reason. Even just a single plant in a room can heighten feelings of creativity, thinking, and positivity.


Faux Plants For Backyard BBQs


A backyard BBQ really opens up what you can do with fake plants. A faux tree on a deck or patio. Artificial boxwood topiary plants along a pathway or adding texture to the backyard. For a backyard gathering, you have an open space where you can arrange greenery as you see fit.


Shop premium artificial plants at and create custom warm, lively displays of greenery.

Pedro Capitao de Salles