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It’s no secret that Artiplanto is one of the world’s top rising names in home décor and silk plants. Anyone in the market for premium trendy fake plants, there’s nowhere better in Europe to go shopping than


With a fake plant, you don’t need to worry about watering or sun. You turn greenery into home décor, future-proof and with bendable stems and branches to allow for reshaping. Catch a healthy variety of faux plants and trees online through Artiplanto, most of which are on sale for a limited time.


What Are You Looking For?


You have all types of artificial potted plants out there.


Tall artificial trees to fill out a space with the best in detailed greenery.


Short tabletop-sized faux plants you can put in a home office or on a bedside table.


You can build out a whole indoor garden with bits of faux greenery spread throughout your household.


There’s bound to be something on that speaks to you and anyone. Many artificial plants are 20 percent off, including artificial Bird of Paradise plant, the artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree, and the artificial fiddle leaf potted plant. There are other plants that have even deeper discounts. Although these are still premium-grade artificial plants, you can save hundreds by shopping faux plants on sale today instead of waiting for when you need them.


See The Beauty In Realism


Not only are’s plants on sale but you will find each creation to be highly realistic, capturing the most detail of any silk plant brand and most of which are crafted by hand and hand-painted.


  • Have bendable branches that you can manipulate to duplicate the exact look you want.


  • See deep, natural colors across every leaf of your faux plant, with the veins, stems, branches, and base carefully crafted.


  • Get up close to pick up on the detail included on every inch. This is why we call them ‘premium’.


You may only want to put your artificial plant on display for yourself. That’s ok. But if a friend or family member ever comes over, they won’t doubt for a second that that’s a real plant.


While low-maintenance plants exist, faux plants outdo them in so many ways. You have no responsibilities or care instructions for an artificial plant other than to occasionally suspect them for dust. You can also get such a wider variety of plants faux than you can real, making it fully possible for you to have amazing tropical plants and greenery that could never grow in your country.


Score a great deal for yourself on the silk plant of your dreams. Only while quantities last.


The faux plants sale is not going to last forever. Drop on by today if you’ve been thinking about buying artificial plants for your home. You will be shocked by the realism and beauty captured in each creation. There’s a plant out there for everyone. Get yours today from

Pedro Capitao de Salles