How Long Do Fake Plants Last?

It might seem like a silly question because artificial plants last forever but we occasionally get asked how long fake plants should last.


While yes, they aren’t organic so they don’t die, faux plants can still get damaged. From the material used to make a plant to how they are designed or assembled, you can run into all sorts of trouble with the wrong type of artificial plant.


Faux Plants Last Forever


An artificial plant, ideally, will last for generations.


Some cheap faux plant material though, such as those made from fabric, can wear down over time, fade in color, and slowly look less appealing. You get what you pay for. A premium faux plant is what you want to buy, to combat this risk.


Be sure to shop at a specialty faux plant brand as opposed to buying an artificial plant from a retailer that doesn’t have the same background.


Faux Plants Get Dusty


Although this doesn’t degrade the material, over time, you may notice a thin film of dust and debris wrapped around leaves and stems.


All that means is your artificial plant needs a clean. Once you do that, your faux plant will look like new again.


Cheap Plants V. Premium Plants


In terms of how long a fake plant lasts, a cheap silk plant might last you 2-3 months in direct sunlight. After that time, the color will start to fade.


Comparatively, a premium fake plant isn’t going to quit out on you after a few months. It’s manufactured from better quality materials overall. Although it’s not invincible against every threat, a premium artificial plant has a better chance at lasting decades with proper care and storage than anything else.


Using The Wrong Cleaner


The beauty of a fake plant is in the detail. If you cause the colors to fade or damage the detail, unfortunately, there’s not any way to get this back.


A common way that people damage their plants is by using the wrong cleaner. An acidic or chemical cleaner can slowly wear down the appearance over time. When cleaning any faux greenery, keep it as simple as you can. Here are some common ways to clean a faux plant:


  • Try a microfiber cloth with no water.
  • Try water and dish soap, spread across a soft cloth.
  • Try a spray as opposed to soaking the plant and wipe it down afterward.


As evidenced, there are lots of approaches to artificial plant cleaning, minimizing exposure to chemicals.


Faux Plants Put Outdoors


Some people put their fake plants outside. They should last but the elements can be a little unpredictable.


  • If the plant isn’t UV-protected, the sun’s rays will fade the color.
  • Rain can wear down the look, as can snow, ice, and high-moisture conditions.
  • Wind can cause a lighter plant to topple over and possibly become damaged.


Indoors is a little easier to predict but outdoors is risky, especially if it’s a cheaper non-premium artificial potted plant.


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