Lots of people secure artificial plants in a planter with various things. They use unsightly loose weights. They might use super glue and totally ruin their faux tree or faux plant. The downside is not securing a plant and putting it outside or even keeping it indoors can mean it falling over. Wind, pets jumping at the plant, someone walking by bumping into the plant, or any of a variety of situations can lead to the faux plant falling over. Here’s how to secure it the right way.


How To Put Your Artificial Plant In A Planter


Let’s start with how you put a faux plant in a planter. For large fake plants, they’re often in tall, narrow, and deep planters. This style of design is as much a blessing for a plant as it can be a problem.


The deepness of a planter necessitates having to raise the faux plant so that it’s viewable. What we mean is you fill the planter with a little bit of dirt. Once there’s a little bit of ground in there, that’s when you put in the artificial plant and cover it up. This way, you don’t lose any of the greenery underground and can see it in its full glory.


By comparison, with a real plant, you don’t always have the issue of tipping over in a planter because its roots dig into the soil. Even a raised plant, if it’s real, has the roots that grip down into the planter. For an artificial plant, there are no roots gripping in and so it really becomes a question of weight. 


How To Weigh Down Your Faux Plant Planter


Some do not use soil to secure their tall faux plants. They use filler, from blankets to pillows, packing peanuts, plastic bottles, and all sorts of material. There is no rule about using soil, however, for weight, you need something. You need something that’s going to keep the planter still and weighed down. There are a few ways to do this.


  • Buy a heavy planter made of ceramic or stone. A high-quality planter that’s already heavy won’t need much to weigh it down further.


  • Buy an appropriately-sized planter for your artificial plant or tree. When a tree doesn’t match the size of the planter, it’s more likely to topple over.


  • If you’re worried about stability as it relates to your artificial plant leaning against the wall inside the planter, you can use cardboard to prop it up. Cut cardboard or wrapped cylindrical pieces of cardboard put around the faux plant’s base, followed by soil or materials that can hold it in place, all of this will prevent any movement.


  • Use stone inside the planter or towards the top. Stone can give a planter a unique aesthetic. When it’s broken apart and filled into the planter, it’s heavier than soil. If it’s presentation-based and put over top, it adds a nice and eye-catching look to a fake plant, tree, or flower arrangement.


  • Use sand. Sand is very heavy and heavier than soil. It can play a role at weighing down planters that may be struggling to keep a plant upright.


These are some of the ways that you can secure a tall artificial plant. For heavy-duty, high-quality modern trendy planters and premium artificial plants, see them at Artiplanto.com and buy online today.

Pedro Capitao de Salles