The one quality that people mention when they’re looking to buy fake plants online, it’s realism. Consumers love detail. They want artificial greenery that looks like the real thing. Something manufactured from cheap materials and that doesn’t carry the same detail is rejected by the vast majority of people. This is why premium artificial plants in Europe are so popular.


What makes a fake plant premium? Sites like are building strong reputations for themselves offering the best realistic-looking artificial plants and trees. They have entire teams working on the detail and duplicating the features of a real plant, taking that data and implementing it into artificial alternatives that will last forever.


If you aren’t sure what to buy when it comes to faux plants, if realism is where it’s at, here are the most realistic artificial plants in Europe. These are the fake plants online routinely reviewed as having the best detail and that come the closest to looking like the real, authentic plant that they’re trying to resemble.


Artificial Succulent Plants


Succulents have a look that’s a little easier to convert into a faux plant than other greenery. Especially excellent for work-from-home offices and small spaces, artificial succulents can be rather luxurious and alluring while also appearing delicate and chic. Your space will look amazing.


Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant


A faux fiddle leaf plant does not need any sunlight, or watering, or pruning away of the dead leaves. This looks so close to the real thing with the exception being that this artificial fiddle leaf always looks its best.


Artificial Olive Tree Plant


Fit your artificial olive tree plant in where it will make the most impact. A trendy faux plant if there ever was one, a fake olive tree is a great investment for your home décor and suits well a living room, guest bedroom, dining room, or any sort of public gathering area.


Artificial Travellers Palm Tree Plant


An understated deep-green palm, this faux plant makes a great gift for spaces that feel impersonal, cold, or unwelcoming. When you get to see this artificial travellers palm tree in person, you’ll be shocked by how real it looks. You’ll never have to worry about this greenery looking cheap and fake.


Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant


This is the ultimate artificial palm tree! Adorn your home with an artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree plant and instantly convert your space into a tropical paradise. With bouquets of greens that soften the room, there’s all sorts of real detail captured in this beautiful palm.


Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant


Add texture and style to your home with this faux Bird of Paradise plant. These are notoriously difficult at times to make look real due to the visual dynamics of the plant and its colors. Be sure to have an example of the real thing when bending and shaping this faux Bird of Paradise plant.


Artificial Sansevieria Plant


This might be it. This might be the most realistic-looking artificial plant in 2022. A faux sansevieria plant is extremely convincing, with its tall leaves and carefully-crafted shape. Root it inside a planter of your choosing.


These are just a few of the amazing artificial potted plants you can shop at Shop faux plants, trees, and planters, and more. You will love the care and attention given to each plant, maximizing the detail of every creation in our catalogue
Pedro Capitao de Salles