Your home should be a sanctuary. It’s where you can be you. Your home is meant to be somewhere safe, calm, and relaxed, and artificial plants fit perfectly in that.

A green home is a happy home. You can have zero available space for a plant and still successfully work one in here or there. We promise. After your faux plant is in the mix, notice the coziness and what it does to the overall appeal of your home décor.

Here are a few ways you can welcome in premium fake plants and inspire yourself in your home.

Fill Empty Shelf Space With A Plant

For a simple way to make your home greener, put an artificial plant into your shelving. Fill the empty holes that may be bugging you.

Use Height To Your Advantage

If you really like plants and faux plants, try for not only one shelf but multiple. Use height to emphasize greenery. Make a flower wall or a plant wall. Make a vertical garden, perfect for smaller spaces if you’re short on available area.

Trendy Minimalist Plants And More

You can make faux plants trendy in a matter of seconds by what you put around them. A minimalist planter is a start. There are also all sorts of ways to use lighting to light your plants, covering the top of the planter with wood chips or similar materials, and to use mirrors or other materials to heighten the detail and attention-grabbing of any plant.

Create An Indoor Garden

An indoor garden can be as simple as reserving a large planter to fill with small faux plants. A garden doesn’t have to be large in design. There are lots of indoor gardens out there, from windowsill designs to all sorts of custom designs, including making design cases, or repurposing containers, bins, and more.

Using A Plant In Your Home Office

A home office’s appeal is instantly elevated with a small tabletop artificial plant. This sort of greenery can inspire creativity, keep you focused, and boost productivity. A small plant isn’t difficult to fit in on most office desks and can make a difference to the vibe of the room.

Bring In More Natural Materials As Décor

To get a real green, outdoors-y feel, bring in more real natural materials indoors with your fake plants. All-natural materials promote feelings of calm emotions, stability, and relaxation. This includes using materials like stone, wood, bamboo, glass, rattan, dried flowers, and antique accessories to create scenery around your artificial plants that really make them stand out.

Use Artificial Plants For Privacy

Create zones in a large room, bedroom, or open-concept space. Section off areas, using faux plants and other décor to create implied walls and cut-offs. A towering artificial palm tree with sprawling leaves is a great example of something you can use.

There are lots of different combinations and ideas to peruse when fitting in fake plants into your home. Artificial plants are delightful in their detailed aesthetic, eye-catching, and put a lot of cheer into the room. Find the plant that speaks to you today at

Pedro Capitao de Salles